'NAMACHE BAZAAR' is a project that is inspired from curiosity to an interesting unknown place. This place is the Mount Everest and it's environment: Mount Everest’s nature, height, culture and the public attraction to tourists. In particular mountaineers of the highest place on earth causing a problem because they leave tons of waste back on the mountain. Especially plastic waste is a problem. We developed a concept to reduce the waste and keep Mount Everest as beautiful, mysterious and clean as it was before. Through 3D printing the plastic trash, it can leas a second life. The plastic can be re-melted to souvenirs which can be sold by the local population of Namache Bazaar,  the village that must be pass through to Mount Everest base camp. By this concept, we solve the problem of plastic waste, remains the Mount Everest as he was and give the local population an income.





For designing the products, we looked at the culture and tradition. We used the shapes of products, buildings and the landscape in Namache Bazaar as an inspiration. We have not only designed souvenirs, but also educational materials that help children to learn English, an important language if they want a good future in Nepa. Phinjo Sherpa, a Nepali working at foundation saving the Mount Everest helps us with exact information about the location.