The cabinet of the "Umbra Fabula" series, gives you the possibility to choose what to expose, and what to hide. In other words: what the light shows you, and what not.


Movable circles of glass create a black mirror together, simular to the eclipse effect, witch refelects the space around it. In this position, they hide a part of the contents. When you roll them to the side, you can take a peek through the window that shows the elements inside the cabinet.  The rectangular glass panels give a fragmented reflection of the surrounding space and the objects in the cabinet, depending on the position of the viewer. If they are shifted to the side, you can change the elements inside the cabinet. Through the use of transparent and reflecting  materials, the shadowplay changes when the light or glass elements moves.


The beauty of light is that it reaches further than product and matter, so the play of light has an influence at the objects, the cabinet and space around it.